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Grendel Drone Commander

Grendel Drone Commander

Unique analog drone synthesizer with two oscillators (triangle/square wave), synchronized LFO, and a strangely sweet growling voltage-controlled resonant filter. Clock output (+8V) and VCF CV input (0-10V) are standard features. Housed in a tough steel ammunition case with removable, gasketed lid.

Grendel Drone Commander: standard black or red finish: $360, custom finishes $380.  Available assembled only (not a kit)


Tune In Tokyo

 Tune In Tokyo

 Tune In Tokyo is a source of unusual, LFO-animated frequency textures.   TiT is an altered digital sinewave generator that sweeps the full audio spectrum with mega-aliasing and decimation artifacts.

Tune In Tokyo: $55 (kit), $80 (assembled)


Lite2Sound PX

lite2sound px 250px

Lite2Sound PX is a portable sensing device that extracts audio from ambient light.  Not a synthesizer, more like a microphone that detects a hidden layer of your environment.

 Lite2Sound PX: $49 (kit), $74 (assembled)


Grendel Formant Filter

In stores March 2013.  (Not sold here)