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dual SP0256 vocal synth

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The Dual SP0256 vocal synthesizer is the descendant of an earlier circuit of mine, Analog Controlled Speech Synthesizer.  I crammed in all the features I’d want from a singing robot.  It was a good challenge because it inspired some analytical thinking about the relationship between speech and singing.  The features of this circuit are:

  • 2 trigger inputs to step through pitch and vocal sequences independently
  • speech data stored cartridge-style on EPROM
  • 2-oscillator richness using dual SP0256-AL2 speech chips with crossfade mixer
  • optimized low-pass filtering for less strident tone
  • SP0256 crystal oscillators replaced with VCOs for pitch control
  • each chip has an independent / linkable 4-step analog step sequencer for pitch
  • lower step sequencer has switchable clock divider (divide/2 to divide/16)
  • glide and LFO functions
  • speech rate (slur) control
  • built-in realtime programmable sequencers for pitch and speech trigger
  • IR Sync input for wireless infrared tempo matching

And as a bonus, it makes a hair-raising screeching sound when the power is turned off!

 power-off noise!

The Dual SP0256 vocal synthesizer is now a member of Bodytronix.  It begins to speak at 1:05 in this video clip:

To see how to replace the SP0256’s crystal oscillator with a VCO, check out the schematic for analog controlled speech synthesizer.

To compose the speech data I begin with the free PC app ChipTalk.  ChipTalk converts plain text into SP0256-AL2 phonetic data.  I paste that data into Excel, and compute some binary math thats necessary to add the ‘wait for trigger’ and ‘loop’ flags where desired.   Then I use a hex editor such as Hexplorer to organize the contents of the speech EPROM; its organized as 16 phrases of 256 bytes.  Once the EPROM image is composed, I burn it onto a 27C256 EPROM with a TrueUSB Willem programmer.

 SP0256 language chart

Sorry, the vocal synth is not for sale.  No kit version is available.  Schematic is private.