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Piksel [X] - LITE2SOUND workshop

The 10th annual Piksel festival will take place Nov 22 -25th 2012 in Bergen, Norway.  I’ve contributed a workshop project called LITE2SOUND PX, which gives the user ears to hear sounds from light waves.  The workshop will be led by my friend Hans Kristian Senneseth, and is designed for 10-12 participants to complete the kit in 1-2 hours.  The kit combines portability and sound quality, with a built-in headphone output, 9V power, and auto gain control.  With the completed kit, the user is able to tap in to an unusual world of ambient audio.  The Sound Camera info on ericarcher.net exhibits some experimental field recordings made this way.

LITE2SOUND PX workshop


Lite2Sound PX workshop

My favorite way to experience LITE2SOUND, for now, is to place it on the car’s dashboard at night while driving.  This generates an evolving mixture of curious impulses, drones, and whines from the artificial light environment of the city and highway.  Thanks again to Hans Kristian for motivating the new design of this kit, and I hope the workshop is a success. - Eric

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