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update 5-09

I’m back from the E-Squared mini tour.  Thanks to everybody who gave us a floor to sleep on.  And to the state parks we camped in w/o paying.  hilites… sound camera recording in Times Square?  finding $100 on the ground in Brooklyn?  Worst experience: falling asleep in the sun with a hat pulled over my eyes.  Weirdest looking sunburn ever.

It was really motivating to get so many positive reactions from people at the shows.  So I’ll keep cookin crazy stuff up in the lab for you.

Here’s video of E-Squared and Pete Edwards playing at Handmade Music Night in Brooklyn 4-16-09, courtesy of


I just finished building a bent clone of the TR-808 cowbell.  Check it out for recordings, schematics, and more.

 808 cowbell bendsequencer

also… LITE2SOUND kits are almost ready.

and… I’m building a new run of ten Drone Commanders.

Main Drag Music in Brooklyn has a few of my dR0NEMATr1X v1.1 units for sale.  They’re the only place to get it currently but I’m about to make ten more.  I really need to make pages for LITE2SOUND and dR0NEMATr1X so you can see what the heck I’m so excited about.

and… Daniel Fishkin built me a daxophone!  It sounds amazing… scary… comical.  Check out Fishkin’s recording project Dandelion Fiction on to hear some really creative daxophonic looping.

finally, here’s video of the Electro Percussion Lab setup on my workbench, and a 5:04 electro beat made with hacked 808 technology.

electro percussion lab (demo)


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